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Strategic Diplomacy:
Rethinking Strategy and Statecraft for the 21st Century of Complexity

Cultivating 'Strategic Diplomacy' in the Indo-Asia-Pacific and Beyond

Strategy is 'the art of creating power'. Statecraft is the skill of governing a sovereign state. We ask: how do international actors mobilize power and exercise statecraft within a world that gives them less control over the outcomes they want to achieve?

The 21st century is the ‘century of complexity’. To be effective, policymakers urgently require knowledge about how to practice diplomacy and statecraft with accentuated strategic rationale.

The ‘Strategic Diplomacy’ project develops an original framework of diagnostic analysis and policy-making for complex systems problems in international relations.
The project team is creating unique cross-regional and thematic research case files of effective concepts and practice; new postgraduate education and executive training; and an extensive engagement program with global end-user communities.

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Lead Researchers

Jochen Prantl

Professor of International Relations,

Strategic and Defence Studies Centre.

ANU College of Asia and the Pacific,
The Australian National University 



Evelyn Goh

Shedden Professor of
Strategic Policy Studies,

Strategic and Defence Studies Centre,

ANU College of Asia and the Pacific,
The Australian National University



What are the most essential capabilities that ought to be fostered for addressing Earth system transformations?

This book develops a new Strategic Capabilities Framework for studying and steering complex socio-ecological systems.  It offers transformative ideas toward better climate and ocean governance.  Rather than investigating the design and effectiveness of institutions in governing the climate and the oceans, the authors offer an alternative approach starting from the assumption that global governance arrangements must be informed by the capabilities of the communities affected.  The book is available as Open Access on Cambridge Core.

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